March 31, 2020
intestinal cancer

With AI, intestinal cancer can be checked, 16 hours fast will also keep you healthy

If the screening of colorectal ie intestinal cancer becomes timely, then its treatment is possible. This is why scientists are constantly trying to devise such methods so that they can be investigated soon. Now, with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI), scientists have made a major achievement in this direction. Samples from 801 patients with colorectal cancer and 1,021 healthy people were collected for the study.

With the help of technology used to analyze circulating tumour DNA, scientists detected colorectal cancer in these samples. With its help, it is possible to detect cancer at a very early stage. During the experiment, this technology made an accurate assessment of the severity of cancer at 87.5%. The AI-based study, which lasted more than two years, also succeeded in finding out the exact type of cancer. (ANI) The habit of eating nothing for at least 16 to 18 hours a day can prove to be very beneficial to health.

According to recent research, if a person has the capacity to tolerate hunger, this rapidity of daily life can be helpful in controlling blood pressure, increasing age and reducing weight. Such a dietary routine also helps to protect against diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Scientists have said that two fasting methods can be adopted. The first way is not to eat for 16 to 18 hours a day, and the second way is to fast for two consecutive days a week. However, researchers say that it is important to keep your health and capacity in mind before taking any such routine. Suddenly, adopting this method can also have a negative effect on health.

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