March 28, 2020
forest harvesting

When the forests remain half on the earth, their disappearance rate will increase- Study

Forests are extremely important for maintaining any kind of balance on earth. In many ways, their deficiency can prove fatal. Countries around the world are striving for the expansion of forest areas, but they are steadily declining due to an ever-increasing population and other reasons. In this episode, a worrying picture of the future is revealed. Researchers have claimed, on the basis of the study, that the lack of forests will change the image of the earth.

The study shows that when the forest loses half of its area, the remaining area is harvested fast. In other words, the speed of completion of the remaining area increases. Such a situation has been observed globally and could prove fatal in the future. Researchers at the University of Cincinnati, USA, have identified a series of deforestation events that accelerate far-reaching impacts and decrease forest areas.
Geographers used high-resolution photographs obtained from the European Space Agency (ESA) for this study. These photographs contained in-depth information on the forests present in the area covering nine kilometres of the earth between 1992 and 2015.

It came in front
The study has been published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters. It has been told that the researchers made a comparative study of the changes in the forest area in the above time. Researchers discovered that deforestation occurs slowly at the beginning, based on photograph analysis, but once half of the forest is over, the rate of disappearance of the rest increases exponentially.

Jungle and arable land cannot coexist
Researchers have discovered a lot more in this study. It has come to light that mixed areas, such as arable land and forests, can not be sustainable together for a long time. Over time, these mixed regions become homogeneous. Based on the study, the researchers concluded that the underlying mechanism exists in nature, which bridges the gap between the mixed zones.

Constant change
It is said that change is the law of creation and that the same thing is coming out of this new study. According to researchers, the landscape of every corner of the world is constantly changing. There are sometimes natural factors behind it, sometimes human The study has shown that forest areas are harvested by humans for both direct and indirect reasons. On the one hand, it is harvested directly by humans, and on the other hand, the forest area is reduced indirectly as a result of climate change.

Future picture presented in the research
Researchers say that if we do not warn in time and the continuous reduction of forest areas is not stopped, then if these areas remain half of the earth, their rate of disappearance will increase. According to Tomaz Stapinski, co-author of this study, this study used 23 years of short duration data. If we look at it on a large scale, it is feared that such a change would prove to be very fatal to the Earth.

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