February 27, 2020
Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump has introduced formulae for resolving the dispute between Israel and Palestine

US President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that Jerusalem was not going to be divided and would remain Israel’s undivided capital. Trump has proposed East Jerusalem as the capital for the creation of a Palestinian state. It is up to the Palestinians whether or not they take steps to create self-government to establish peace after decades of conflict with Israel. Trump said this while presenting his plan to establish peace in West Asia. Under this, a formula has been introduced for the permanent resolution of the ongoing dispute between Israel and Palestine. Palestine has rejected the proposal by Trump.

Suggested two nation’s solution for permanent solution to the problem
Trump, along with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House, outlined the West Asia peace plan. There was no one from Palestine on this occasion. But Ambassadors from Oman, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain were present. At the same time, the White House also introduced a map depicting the borders of Israel and Palestine. It shows 15 Israeli settlements in the West Bank region, which are connected by just one tunnel to the Gaza Strip.

Appeal to Palestine to accept this solution
Trump said that Israel had taken a big step towards peace. The creation of two separate nations will lead to a permanent solution to this issue. He appealed to Palestine to accept this solution. Trump said that Jerusalem would remain the capital of Israel, while for Palestine a new capital would be built to the east of Jerusalem. Describing his plan as a deal of the century, Trump said this was the last chance for Palestine. He would not have got such a great opportunity before this. He also added that the people of Palestine also have the right to a better life. At the same time, Netanyahu called it historic and said that he is ready to negotiate with Palestine based on this plan.

Palestine-Hamas rejects solution
This proposed solution of Trump was leaked earlier. Palestine then rejected it. Palestinian President Abbas has said that Trump’s proposal will not pass. There was also a protest in Palestine on Tuesday morning. At the same time, the Palestinian Islamic extremist organization Hamas has also rejected this proposal of the US. Hamas says that it will accept no other option than Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine.

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