April 4, 2020

This Android Drawback Can Damage Your Phone

There is always a lot of doubt in the minds of users about Android smartphones. It has become extremely easy to hacking them. Hackers are taking a number of ways to access Android phones. Also, get your personal data hack. In this sequence, a new flaw has emerged that can completely damage the Android smartphone. It is believed that it can be fixed by December 2019. The Android Security Bulletin released in December 2019 included references to three flaws. One of the three flaws is considered to be extremely dangerous.

Google has said that users can make single malware-affected messages from their phones by taking advantage of this flaw. This flaw is named CVE-2019-2232 in the Android Bulletin. User phones can be damaged by taking advantage of this. Millions of Android devices have been affected: many devices have been affected by the leakage of the name of CVE-2019-2232. This flaw affects Android 8.0, Android 8.1, Android 9 and Android 10 smartphones. In such a situation, it can be assumed that many users are likely to be affected by this flaw. The official statement of the NIST National Vulnerability Database stated that the TextLine.java handleRun app could crash on the phone. This increases your chances of a smartphone malfunction.

Android can provide updates:
The company says an update can be made to fix this flaw. However, a fix for this has been given to the open-source Android project. Talking about a security patch, it’s up to the phone manufacturer to provide the latest security patch. It can be said that the first device of the Google Pixel series can get a security patch.

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