April 4, 2020

The world’s first fly and drive car PAL-V launched, top speed is 321 km/h


The world’s first ‘fly and drive car’ was launched at a Miami event on Wednesday. It’s named the Pioneer Personal Air Landing Vehicle (PAL-V). It’s about $599,000. To date, 70 bookings have been made for this car. Its first delivery is scheduled for 2021. The company has made the condition for its sale. As a condition, the purchaser must also have a pilot license and a driving license.

The car has retractable overhead and rear propellers, with the help of which it can fly at an altitude of 12,500 feet. The vehicle can fly and run at a speed of 321 km/h in the air and 160 km/h on the road. This 680 kg two-seater car is equipped with a 230 horsepower four-cylinder engine. In just 10 minutes, it transforms from a three-wheel car to a gyrocopter.

540-feet runway required to fly
The car is made from carbon fiber, titanium, and aluminum. It needs a 540-foot runway to get off. However, a runway of only 100 feet is sufficient for it to land. It’s got a handlebar like a motorcycle, with the help of which it can be controlled by road and air. The company has prepared a version of its commercial production.

According to the European Aviation Safety Agency, the company is also preparing a cheaper version of this car, the Pal-V Liberty Sport, which will cost half of the current price. Each unit of this car shall be flown for at least 150 hours to test its strength and strength. In the meantime, it has undergone many difficult trials. It is equipped with a gas tank of 27 gallons which allows it to travel up to 500 kilometers. This car will run on the road for 1200 km at a time.

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