April 4, 2020

The Judiciary Committee written a letter to the Trump impeachment hearing on 4 December

The Judiciary Committee attached to the U.S. House of Representatives asked President Donald Trump or his lawyer to attend the first hearing on charges to be held on 4 December. In fact, the President of the Committee, Jerry Nadler, wrote a letter to President Trump in this regard. Explain that the hearing will be attended by a panel of constitutional experts. Nadler said that the first task of the legislature would be to prepare a road map to respond to the serious allegations made against them by President Trump. He said that the hearing would be based on the historical and constitutional grounds for the prosecution. He also asked in his letter whether Trump would present himself at the hearing or send his lawyer.

Voting will also be held in the House after the impeachment discussion.

The head of the Intelligence Committee, Adam Skiff, also wrote a letter to Members saying that his team would submit its report on time. After several rounds of hearings, the panel will decide on the defamation paragraph and it will be discussed. There will also be a vote in the House after that. Trump has been accused of calling on Ukraine President Volodymyr Zalensky to investigate the corruption case against Democratic leader Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

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