March 30, 2020

Special device designed for wheelchair patients to relieve spinal pain

For patients suffering from spinal pain, researchers have created a device that can make their life comfortable and lead a normal life. The inventors of this device also include a researcher of Indian origin. According to him, it is a robotic device that can help patients with spinal cord injury (SCI) to sit properly and relieve the disease. According to researchers at Columbia University in the US, the name of this robotic device is a trunk support trainer. It is a motorized cable belt that is attached to the torso of the body. It controls the seating position or position of a person.

The study is published in the Spinal Cord Series and Cases Journal. This is the first study of its kind, in which patients suffering from spinal pain have been seated and their upper body has also been measured. Columbia University researcher and study co-author Sunil Aggarwal said, “We have built a trunk support trainer for SCI patients who usually use wheelchairs.” He said, “We found in the study that the trunk support trainer not only protects the patients from falling, but also increases the activation of the back and lower parts of their body.”

This study was done on five people. In this, all participants were asked to chase a ball by turning the head forward and rotating their torso as much as possible with the help of hands. The researchers repeated this investigation in eight directions. They then used its result to assess everyone’s seating area. Researchers reported that the trunk support trainer had been modified to allow each participant to use the support force in their torso, allowing all participants to perform the same movement again.

With the help of the new robotic device, all participants were able to rotate their bodies in the same way in all eight directions. According to the study, the trunk support trainer significantly expanded the seating area around the body. On average, the expansion was over 25. Agarwal and his team are now working to further improve the control of their torso in affected adults and children with the help of a trunk support trainer.

In the current era, many problems like spinal cord pain often surround people due to irregular routines of people. After waking up in the morning one experiences stiffness in the shoulders and body and lower back pain. Long-term neglect of this pain can be harmful. If you have to bend and lift something, sit for a long time or do any small thing, then you may have to face severe pain in the waist and shoulders. The easiest and systematic way to avoid this is to change our daily routine and do physical exercise vigorously.

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