March 31, 2020
Software-Defined Perimeter

Software-Defined Perimeter (SDP) Market: Industry Analysis with Top Leading Players

The global market for Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) was valued at US$ 1.84 billion in 2018 and is expected to grow over the forecast period with a CAGR of 36.0 percent. Developing new applications and technologies worldwide drives the growth of the worldwide market for software-defined perimeter (SDP). The perimeter defined by software (SDP) is a security system based on an approach that reduces network-based attacks. A dynamic perimeter is created on the network to protect the data stored in the cloud and other data centers. The demand for the software-defined perimeter (SDP) market has been supported as a prerequisite for security system, growing cloud-based services and digitalization. As a result of the factors mentioned above, we expect the software-defined perimeter (SDP) market to show remarkable growth during the forecast period.

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The market for software-defined perimeter (SDP) is led by the Gateway segment in 2018, based on the enforcement point. Furthermore, the end-point segment is projected to grow at the fastest pace. The endpoint is an IP-enabled device that includes tablets, smartphones, and laptops to access custom applications and workloads. In SDP, the endpoint is accredited by the controller and can then be connected to the expected server.

The adoption of cloud-based services has led to a reduction in network threats. With traditional perimeter defense techniques such as firewalls, traditional data centers and servers can not be protected, thus increasing the threat of network attacks against application infrastructure. Thus, lack of security awareness coupled with lack of industry standards restricts the expansion of the SDP market.

Some of the major companies profiled in the report include Intel Corporation, Cisco Systems Inc., Juniper Networks, Fortinet Inc., Symantec Corporation, Check Point Software Technologies Ltd., Catbird Networks Inc., Certes Networks, EMC RSA, and Palo Alto Networks Inc. among others.

SDP protects all the endpoints that make numerous attempts to access the infrastructure as authenticated. As a result, all unauthorized networks are made unapproachable and the defined network is protected by a perimeter. They also provide a privilege to reduce network attacks by hiding unauthorized or unauthorized network resources from users.

Using a policy-driven, programmable and scalable security architecture, software-defined perimeter (SDP) can be defined as solutions used to control and manage customer data without human involvement. The global software perimeter (SDP) market is driven by aspects such as rising economy, high growth rate of urbanization, and employment rate as well as rapid industrialization. The factors driving the growth of the perimeter market defined by the software are, the requirement for programmable security architecture, increase in cloud-based applications, lack of cybersecurity talent and macroeconomic factors. However, aspects such as lack of awareness of breach of security and high condition for SDP deployment restrict the growth of the market.

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SDP requires users to provide multiple authentications in order to confirm whether or not the users are safe to enter the network. This multiple authentication allows large organizations to identify an illegal user, even though the user holds the legal credentials.

Large firms held the largest market share in 2017. These organizations have enormous data on finance, accounts, company data and so on. This must be stored securely and used by authorized users in a safe manner. Users perform several confidential tasks, SDP monitors the behavioral changes that occur in the environment on an ongoing basis.

Over the forecast period, Asia Pacific is expected to grow at the fastest rate. The region has the base of providers of telecom services, e-commerce, retailers, and others. There is also a prominent number of startups in the region. In the coming years, these start-ups are expected to adopt cloud-based solutions. It is also expected that the growing need to secure data, strict regulations, and changing trends in BYOD will drive the market over the forecast period.

Due to the adoption of software-defined perimeter large enterprises, North America held the largest market share in 2017 to deliver high performance, efficiency, and avoid data insecurity over the heavy traffic network.

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