April 5, 2020

Smart light bulbs can hack your personal details, as revealed in the study

NewYork- 24-10-2019

Using infrared-enabled smart light bulbs, hackers can steal or damage data from other devices connected to the home Wi-Fi network. Scientists of Indian origin in the United States have revealed this in a study. Researchers at the University of Texas-SanĀ Antonio (UTSA) reviewed and explored security holes in popular smart lighting brands. Smart lighting technology provides a number of automated controls and increased performance technologies that help reduce light brightness in light conditions. Infrared sensors are thus installed in smart lights to track daylight. “Your smart bulb can come with infrared capabilities, and most users don’t know it’s invisible.

No hub needed for lights
The professor said, ‘These lights may be misused. With their help, text-to-photo data can be stolen and any data stored on the computer can be included in this data. Some smart bulbs are connected to the home network and do not require a smart home hub. Such smart lights work without centralized hardware or software devices that communicate with Internet of Things (IoT) products.

Other devices can be targeted
Smart home hubs connect to a local server or cloud service and use UTSA, Bluetooth or Z-Wave protocols. Researchers say that hackers can, with their help, steal data from other devices connected to the home network, and that invisible waves emitted from the bulb can also be used to do so. It can be used as a tool for targeting other devices. In this situation, manufacturers need to tweak smart bulbs.

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