February 27, 2020
moon surface

Scientists will reveal secrets about the precious resources buried in the moon

Researchers have searched a new way to analyze the chemistry of the lunar surface soil, saying that now even the dust particles of the moon can be exposed to its secrets and it can be discovered that the moon can be discovered What valuable resources are buried in the surface and its trough.

Indeed, researchers have discovered a new method for analyzing lunar soil samples. He claims that the technique has such high sensitivity and high resolution that even a sample like a particle can detect things that you would not find elsewhere. This discovery of the researchers has been published in Meteoritics and Planetary Science. The aim is to assess the state of the lunar surface and gain more information about the creation of precious resources such as water and helium there.

The researchers said the new technique is called Atom Probe Tomography (APT). It is commonly used by scientists to improve industrial materials such as steel and nanowires. Moonlight samples are better studied by this technique because of its ability to analyze any material closely. Jenica Grier, the first author of this research and researcher at the University of Chicago, said, ‘We are closely analyzing rocks brought from space. This is the first time a sample from the Moon has been studied in this way. We are using a technique that many geologists have not even heard of yet.’ Philip Heck, the co-author of the study, curator at the Field Museum and associate professor at the University of Chicago, says that Philip Heck can apply this technique to samples that no one has studied.

Astronauts from NASA’s Apollo 17 mission of 972 brought 111 kg of rocks and soil samples from the moon. Researchers said that for analyzing them through the new method, instead of a very large portion of them, a sample of grains of grain or equal to human hair is also sufficient. During analysis with the new technology, Grier identified iron, water and helium in these samples. He said that our study will inspire future astronauts to maintain their movements on the Moon to extract these valuable resources from the Moon.

NASA had first stepped on the lunar surface
Since the last successful lunar mission of the US space agency NASA in 1972, no one has visited the moon yet, and no agency or country has plans to go there recently. Researchers said, ‘Every particle of soil brought by astronauts from the moon is very valuable, it can meet the lack of resources in the future.

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