February 27, 2020
Spider-Man robot

Robots are going to climb like Spider-Man, Know which areas will be easier to work in

American researchers have created a special device with the help of which Spider-Man can be made to climb robots and the ability of these robots to hold things with hands can be increased manifold. The biggest feature of this device is that it can be used easily on a rough surface. Researchers say that with the help of such robots, the risk of fire in skyscrapers along with cleaning can be reduced.

American researchers developed a zero-pressure differential suction unit
According to scientists at the American Institute of Physics (AIP), traditional suction (stretch) methods have difficulties using the flexural force on the rough surface. This is due to air leakage, which causes the suction to not function properly. The research has been published in the Journal of Physics of Fluids, which explains in detail about the new device. Researchers have developed a zero-pressure differential (ZPD) method, which does not allow vacuum leakages. According to scientists, the new technology uses a high-speed rotating water ring between the surface and the suction cup of the device, which produces a grip-strengthening force on the rough surface. This force helps in maintaining the state of vacuum.

AIP researcher and study co-author Jin Li explained, ‘This design can be used in many ways, but we think a wall-mounted robot would be most useful.’ “The performance of ZPD-equipped suction robots compared to other wall-climbing robots has seen amazing improvements,” Lee said. According to scientists, the ZPD suction unit is lighter than conventionally used suction devices. It also has enough energy.

Energy consumption is reduced
The researchers wrote in the study, ‘Our experiment shows that a 0.8 kg ZPD suction unit produces a force of 245 newtons on the rough surface and consumes less than 400 watts in the process’. Conversely, conventional suction units of the same size require several kilowatts and dozens of kilograms of vacuum pumps to generate the same force.

Aim to reduce water consumption
The scientists used the ZPD unit with three different sized suction. It used a robotic arm to hold and handle things. Second, on a wall-climbing robot. Lee explained, ‘The next step in this research is to reduce water consumption. If water consumption can be reduced, the suction unit can work for a long time. ‘

Risk of life may be reduced
The researchers said, “Robots equipped with suction units can reduce fire damage in high buildings. Because fire workers in high rise buildings have to work hard to reach the scene and sometimes they are not able to reach there on time. In such a situation there is a risk of loss of a lot of public money. But suction robots can also reduce this danger to a great extent. ‘

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