March 28, 2020

Risk of galaxies collision near Milky Way, a group of stars found

Washington ANI,

Scientists have observed a swarm of new stars in the outer part of our Milky Way. The region is also known as the home of some of the oldest stars in the galaxy. The important thing is that these stars did not originate in the Milky Way. The spectral analysis shows that they are formed by two dwarf galaxies (Magellanic clouds) near the Milky Way.

Principal¬†researcher, Adrian Price-Whelan, said, “This is a small cluster of stars with fewer than a few thousand stars. The study published in the journal Astrophysical states that new information on the history of the Milky Way can also be obtained through newly discovered stars. Scientists have said the Milky Way is full of very bright classes. Therefore, it is difficult to identify clusters of different stars. This requires precise measurements. The cluster of new stars is small and 11,7 million years old. The group is present on the outskirts of the Milky Way.

At the same time, scientists have warned that collisions with galaxies in our neighbourhood of our Milky Way may occur before it is anticipated. Researchers reported that the cluster of stars is located in an area where there is a stream of gas. This stream is called the Magellanic stream. Indeed, this region is the outer edge of the dwarf galaxies which have now reached the Milky Way and joined its outskirts. Researchers said that while the currents of gas present in the outer edge of the Milky Way also have metals present in them, but the gas stream near these stars is metalless.

According to the researchers, when the Magellanic stream entered the Milky Way, it was greatly condensed by the gravitational pressure of the galaxy, which led to the formation of stars. Looking at the current state of the cluster of stars, researchers have reported that the edge of the Magellanic stream is still 90,000 light-years away from the main galaxy.

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