March 29, 2020
Kazakhstan Plane Crash

Plane crash in Kazakhstan carrying 100 people, 14 killed: Kazakhstan Plane Crash

A plane carrying 100 passengers has crashed in Kazakhstan. 14 people have been reported killed in the accident. The number of dead can increase.

The plane carrying 100 people had crashed in Kazakhstan. According to the news agency, the accident occurred near the airport of Almati. Fourteen people have died in the accident so far. This accident took place immediately after the take-off. The aircraft crashed into a building and broke into several parts of it. Relief and rescue operations continue on the scene.

Officials said that the death toll could increase. The aircraft was carrying 95 passengers and five crew members. The cause of the plane crash is currently unknown. According to news agency AP, Beck Air Flight 2100 lost contact at 7.05 a.m. local time just minutes after its departure from Almaty Airport. After the accident, the plane caught fire and also engulfed the surrounding houses. The Reuters News Agency reported that 22 seriously injured people haveĀ been admitted to the hospital.

Recently, 27 people died in a plane crash in the Democratic Republic of the Congo city of Goma. The accident took place in a densely populated area. In October last year, Indonesia Airlines and Ethiopia Airlines Boeing 737 MAX crashed in March of this year, just minutes after their departure. About 350 people have died in these accidents. After that, questions were raised about the techniques used in the design of 737 MAX aircraft. Later, the company had to remove the aircraft from service, causing billions of losses.

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