March 28, 2020

On February 18, the Moon will pass in front of Mars

The Moon will pass through the planet in front of Mars before sunrise on Tuesday, February 18. This event is being seen as an eclipse of Mars. Astronomers have reported that in 2020, the Moon will be out of the front of Mars five times, but the eclipse in February is the only one that can be seen from most of North and Central America. This event will be visible in the southeast horizon. During this time the moon will not be full but in a crescent shape. It will take about 14 seconds for the moon to fully face Mars. It can take about half an hour for the Moon to pass through Mars, along with it depends on the position of the observer. The time to see it can also vary by place.

Let us tell you that the first lunar eclipse of the year 2020 took place on 11 January. This lunar eclipse lasted for a total duration of 04 hours 01 minutes. It appeared in many parts of Europe, Australia and Africa including India.

Know why the lunar eclipse appears
According to astronomy, the lunar eclipse is a celestial phenomenon. When the Earth moves between the Moon and the Sun orbiting the Sun, the Moon is covered by it, the Sun’s rays do not reach the Moon, then a lunar eclipse occurs.

Total 4 lunar eclipses will occur in 2020
This year, a total of 4 lunar eclipses are due in 2020, with the first lunar eclipse occurring on 10 to 11 January.

Lunar eclipse to be held in the year 2020

First lunar eclipse: 10-11 January

Second lunar eclipse: June 5-6

Third lunar eclipse: 4-5 July

Fourth lunar eclipse: 29-30 November

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