April 5, 2020

Old age has begun to appear on your face before age, is your phone responsible for this?

21 Oct 2019

Smartphones and computers are making people older. It has been revealed in research. People are moving towards old age due to exposure to blue light emanating from these devices. This research was done by researchers at Oregon State University.

Cells are destroyed:
Scientists have found in research that blue light emitted from mobiles and computers can accelerate the ageing process. Even if this light is not falling directly in your eyes. Artificial illumination reduces lifespan, said the research’s author and professor. It can cause early death. The study was carried out on flies, as their cells show symptoms similar to humans. According to research, people who are exposed to blue LEDs have their brain nerves and retinal cells damaged. The study’s author says that natural light is very important for humans and animals to be healthy because it stimulates the body’s biological clock, which in turn stimulates brain activity, hormone production and regenerates cells. Researchers believe that for most people, abandoning phones and laptops may not be a good option for eye protection.

Many dangers from exposure to artificial lights:
According to research, exposure to artificial light for a long time increases the risk of cancer.It reduces the production of melatonin hormone in the body. This hormone helps the body to maintain its sleep cycle. Blue light also destroys other hormones that can cause breast and prostate cancer.

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