March 28, 2020
prostate cancer

New AI system will recognize prostate cancer

Researchers have developed a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) method for detecting and classifying prostate cancer. This AI system can help to make better choices about the exact diagnosis and treatment of the disease. According to the researchers, the AI system has been found to be as good as the world’s leading European pathologists in the detection and grading of prostate cancer. This is the initial result though. More research on this is needed. Martin Eklund, Associate Professor at the Karolinska Institute, Sweden, said, “The results of our study suggest that it is possible to design AI systems for the detection and grading of prostate cancer at the same level as the leading experts in their work.” This will reduce the workload of Euro-pathologists and allow them to concentrate on other serious issues.

A new study found that every fourth child with autism under eight years of age can not be treated. Autism sufferers have to face difficulties in interacting and communicating with others. Walter Zahorodny, associate professor at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School in the United States, said that despite an increasing awareness of autism, many cases of black people remain untreated. In 2014, researchers analyzed the medical and educational records of two lakh 66,000 children aged eight years. An attempt was made to find out how many children did not identify and treat autism disorder from a medical perspective. It was found that about 25% of the children had not identified this disorder. Most of them were black.

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