February 27, 2020
Christina Koch

NASA’s Christina Koch is back on Earth

The American astronaut Christina Koch returned to Earth on Thursday after establishing a long-term record of living in space. She spent 328 days there. In the year 2019, she led the women’s team at Spacewalk. Let me tell you that for the first time in history, a spacewalk had a female crew outside the space station. She spent 328 days in space, according to NASA. In this sequence, she made 5,248 rounds of earth and covered a distance of 13.9 million km. He stepped out of the space station and walked six times and spent 42 hours 15 minutes in open space.

During this time, she carried out a number of scientific experiments and missions. According to NASA, the previous record-holder was the American astronaut Peggy Whitson. Witson served 288 days as station commander at the International Space Station during the year 2016-17. NASA reported that along with Christina, European Space Agency astronaut Luca Parmitano and Russian astronaut Aleksandr Skvortsov will also return with Christina Koch. During this mission, scientists received important data on the effects of gravity and space radiation on women’s bodies, in addition to future Moon and Mars missions. It will be studied in the coming time, which will be used by the US Space Agency to build a permanent space station on the lunar surface in the next decade. It was a very busy mission of 41-year-old Christina Koch in which important data on future Moon and Mars missions were found. NASA’s first attempt at a women’s spacewalk was cancelled because one of its astronauts did not have a medium-sized space suit.

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