March 28, 2020

NASA scientists discovered water in Jupiter’s atmosphere

This study of astronomers based on Juno mission data has been published in the science journal Nature Astronomy.

Scientists at the US space agency NASA recently claimed that water exists in the atmosphere of Earth’s neighbouring planet ‘Jupiter’ but its distribution is completely uneven. According to a statement released on the website of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), Jupiter has about 0.25 per cent water in its atmosphere, especially around the equator. Scientists say that the discovery of water in Jupiter can help solve the riddles of the formation of the solar system. This study of astronomers based on Juno mission data has been published in the science journal ‘Nature Astronomy’. It contains information about the presence of water on this giant gas-rich planet (Jupiter) for the first time since the Galileo mission sent by NASA in 1995.

Juno’s discovery is amazing
Juno’s lead investigator Scott Bolton says in a NASA article that Juno’s discovery is surprising. However, the atmosphere under the clouds here still remains a puzzle, which astronomers are trying to solve. He further wrote in the article that no one would have guessed about the water in Jupiter yet, but the new study confirms the fact that some areas of our neighboring planet are full of water.

Dust and gases
According to JPL researchers, Jupiter can be extremely dry compared to the Sun. This comparison has been made on the basis of the presence of water elements (oxygen and hydrogen) on both. Researchers say that Jupiter was probably the first planet and most of it is made up of dust and gases, which is not included in the Sun. NASA scientists said that according to the main hypotheses associated with the creation of Jupiter, the rest of the planet is formed by the water absorbed by it. Researchers said, ‘The presence of excessive water is related to the weather and internal structure of this giant gas body. The distribution of water on Jupiter is almost three times that of the Sun. The planet is full of water, but its distribution is uneven.

Equatorial regions are flooded with water
Scientists associated with the Juno mission and Cheng Li of the University of California said that Galileo’s investigation has revealed that its equatorial regions are full of water because this region of Jupiter is very unique. He said that we need to compare these results with other areas as well. Lee said, “Astronomers have been trying to find out the presence of water in Jupiter for decades and it can prove to be very important to solve the puzzle of the formation of our solar system.”

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