March 31, 2020
TOI 700D

NASA discovers ‘TOI 700D’: A Earth-sized habitable planet

The US space agency NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) has discovered a life-friendly habitable planet and most importantly it is Earth-sized. This planet is found in that region of space, where conditions favourable for the existence of water exist on its surface. Scientists have confirmed the NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope’s claim to have discovered a planet named TOI 700D. Scientists prepared a sample of the possible atmosphere of the planet to get information related to it. The Earth-sized planet TOI 700D discovered by scientists is one of the few planets located in the habitable zone of the star.

Paul Hertz, director of NASA’s Department of Astrophysics, said, “TESS is specifically designed to find Earth-sized planets. This makes it easier to see the planet around the stars in space. The discovery of the TOI 700D is an important scientific discovery of the TESS. Its shape is similar to that of Earth and it is located in a habitable area. Finding it with Spitzer’s help is its second-biggest success. ‘ TESS monitors a large part of the sky. This large part of the sky is called sector. This helps the satellite detect changes in the brightness of the stars. Explain that this brightness in the wires changes during the orbit of the stars.

What is the quality of this planet?
The TOI 700D is a small planet, located 100 light-years away in the southern constellation Dorado. It is one-fourth of the mass and size of the Sun. At the same time, its surface temperature is half that of the Sun. It was similar to our Sun in the TESS database, which means that these planets look larger and warmer than they are. Several researchers, including high school student Elton Spencer, who worked with the TESS team, identified the error. Researcher Emily Gilbert stated, ‘When we corrected the parameters of the star, its planetary sizes became smaller and we felt that the planet on its outer side is Earth-sized and also in a habitable zone.’

TOI 700 B completes 10-day orbit
Gilbert stated that the TOI 700B is located near the center of the star and its shape is around the Earth. It is rocky and completes its orbit every 10 days. At the same time, TOI 700C is a medium type of planet, which is 2.6 times larger than the Earth. It completes its orbit every 16 days and is believed to have a large amount of gas on the planet.

Located in the outer region of the solar system
The TOI 700D is located in the outer region of this solar system and is the only planet in the habitable zone. It is 20 percent larger than the Earth and completes its orbit every 37 days.

Researchers say that future missions will help to find out if there are atmospheres on these planets. If so, what are its components? The exact position of the TOI 700D’s atmosphere is not yet known, yet scientists can use current information such as its size and orbit orbit in the future.

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