March 28, 2020

More than ten thousand new cases of Coronavirus in a single day in America

A review of the news agency AP found that gross negligence at the level of the top health agency was responsible for the worsening of the corona virus in the US.

The huge negligence at the level of the country’s top health agency is being cited as the main reason behind the worsening of the coronavirus in America. A review by the news agency Associated Press found that the epidemic, like a wildfire, was allowed to spread across America. So far, about 44 thousand people have been found infected in the US and 560 have died.

More than ten thousand new cases have been reported in a single day. President Donald Trump has signed an order for the prevention of hoarding of essential medical supplies and protective equipment.

Examination of only 352 in the government lab

Earlier this month, Trump had assured US citizens that the investigation developed by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) was excellent. Anyone can conduct an investigation. But even after the first case came out about two months ago, many people in America have not even been able to investigate. Data from the US Health Agency CDC shows that when the corona virus was gathering roots in this country in February last, only 352 people were tested in the government lab during that period.

Blindfolded can’t compete

In the US, on average, a dozen tests were done daily. Now the Department of Health and Human Services has started an internal review to evaluate its mistakes. Head of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adnom Gheberes, said, ‘You cannot compete blindfolded. We cannot stop this epidemic if we do not know who is infected. ‘

Trump said, anti-malarial drugs may be ‘God gift’

President Donald Trump has said that anti-malarial drugs are being tested for treatment of the corona virus. These drugs can be ‘God gifts’. Scientists have however warned about such claims as it has not been proved yet. Trump announced last week that his administration was working on hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine. Some anti-malarial drugs in the treatment of corona virus were shown in some studies in France and China. Whereas, American experts on infectious diseases like Antoine Fuchi told people to be vigilant until these drugs are extensively tested.

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