March 31, 2020
Monkeys die

Monkeys die in the zoo due to New Year’s fireworks in Germany

On the night of 31 December, New Year’s Eve was celebrated all over the world. Millions of people from Australia to America and from India to Russia have also witnessed this celebration. On this occasion, the sky was full of colourful fireworks. This opportunity was no less than a memorable moment for those who had gathered to see it. Every year, the New Year has given a break between dance, music and fun. The fireworks that were released at the New Year’s Eve celebrations, however, proved to be extremely bad for the zoo in the German city of Krefeld. Fireworks killed all the monkeys here.

The fireworks that were released in New Year celebrations in Germany enthralled the audience but proved to be the last day for the zoo monkeys.

The world, steeped in New Year’s Eve celebrations, also received news 24 hours after its information was shared on the zoo’s Facebook page. It said that what we were most afraid of was the truth at last. The fire here killed all of the monkeys. In this enclosure, no animals were left alive. The administration of the zoo expressed its apprehension that the biggest reason for this was the fireworks released on the New Year. However, an investigation has also been ordered by the administration. Given information on this accident on behalf of the administration of the zoo, it has been reported that more than 30 animals have been burned alive in this fire. There was also a gorilla park near the monkey enclosure. It was just a reward that this fire was unable to reach this park. A few others have also helped to extinguish the fire, thanks to the management of the zoo through its Facebook page. Many people also appealed for assistance after the accident. In response, the zoo administration said that the administration is currently in shock as a result of this accident and is not in a position to tell what help they need right now.

Let us tell you that the enclosure of monkeys built in this zoo is about 2,000 square meters, in which many other species of monkeys live. The fence was built in 1975. It is also necessary to tell you that Germany is the largest exporter of fireworks in the European Union. Every year in Germany, the administration organizes colourful fireworks on New Year’s Eve. The same thing has happened this year. The news of this accident was received late at 12:30 p.m. Policemen and the administration also found some lanterns near the enclosure of the monkeys. However, its use is prohibited in Germany. But despite this, a lot of people join it in the celebration. It’s believed that people used it this time as well. The investigation of the accident is currently underway and both these things are being considered by the administration, including the police.


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