February 27, 2020

Many people have problems with weight gain after getting jobs, more impact on women

After leaving school, when people start work, their physical activity is reduced and they have problems like obesity. In such a situation, women have to face the most problems and their weight starts growing twice as fast as men. Researchers claimed this in a new study. The study says that when people enter puberty after adolescence, many people have problems with weight gain. One reason for this is that these people are not able to do enough physical activity and their routine becomes irregular, which has a direct effect on their bodies. Researchers say that the weight gain problem arises from changes in eating behavior and physical activity that have an effect on life after puberty.

Decrease in physical activity
Researcher Ellener Wimpney of Cambridge University in the United States said, “After the end of school and college, when people get a job, they’re not able to do as much physical activity as the body needs. In such a situation, if people don’t change their routine, then the weight gain problem persists with them for a lifetime and, along with it, they’re starting to get other diseases.

More cases of weight gain in women
For this study published in the journal Obesity Review, the researchers analyzed the physical activity, diet and weight of people who had finished their studies and started their work. During this time, he found that there were more complaints about obesity among people who had irregular routines and those who could not do physical activity. More cases of weight gain have been seen in women, especially when they become mothers.

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