April 4, 2020

Learn how Coffee can lower the risk of diabetes

Good news for coffee drinkers. In a new study, researchers claimed filter coffee can significantly reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. The filter means coffee should not be boiled by adding water or milk, instead put the coffee in a cup first and pour hot milk or water over it. The study is published in Internal Medicine’s Health journal. Drinking filter coffee has positive effects on health. Researchers from Sweden’s Chalmers University of Technology and Umiya University’s study findings provide new insights on filter coffee. These results also help to assess coffee types’ effects.

“We have identified specific body molecules that indicate the intake of different coffee types,” said Il Landberg study professor and researcher at Umiya University. These molecules are a biomarker in our blood. They are generally used to analyze when calculating type 2 diabetes risk. He said our Type 2 diabetes results clearly show that it has positive effects on the body and prevents diabetes from developing. Landberg said, “One thing to note here is that only filter coffee can prevent rising levels of type 2 diabetes, not boiled coffee.” “People who consume two to three cups of filter coffee a day reduce their risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 60% compared to others,” the researchers said. The Journal of Internal Medicine publishes benefits from filter coffee by Swedish researchers.

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