March 28, 2020

Huge drop in the number of mobile users in China, the number of deaths may be higher

The number of deaths due to corona virus in China is coming up, questions are being raised. Many Chinese claimed a steep decline in the number of mobile phone users, claiming that the figure could be higher. It is known that the Chinese government has so far confirmed the death of 3,270 people and the infection of 81,093 due to the virus.

Landline users decreased

Explain that the government has control over all news and information in China. Three months ago, the corona virus was spread from the city of Wuhan in central China. Many Chinese citizens have questioned government figures through videos and documents. He claimed that in the last three months, China had reduced 21 million mobile phone users.

Large decline in the number of landline users

Chinese blogger Jennifer Jeng, based in New York, has posted China’s official monthly data released on March 19 on social media regarding mobile users. According to this data, the number of cellphone users has come down from 1.60 billion to 1.58 billion. Similarly, the number of landline users has come down from 19.83 crores to 18.99 crores. Zeng said in gestures that these accounts could be closed due to deaths from the corona virus.

Users of Chinese mobile companies reduced

The American-run independent media Epoch Times has reported in its news that how important is the cellphone in the lives of Chinese? This newspaper, run by a Chinese-American, reported that China has a high degree of utility in government-controlled communications technology. On December 1 last year, the Chinese government made a facial scan mandatory for cell phones.

This figure surprises

The newspaper quoted data from all three mobile phone service providers in China as showing that the number of cellphone users had registered an increase in the previous December. China Mobile, the company that controls 60 percent of China’s mobile market, said that 3.073 Million new consumers were added in December after the facial scan became mandatory in the country. But in January eight lakh 62 thousand and in February 7.2 Million consumers were reduced. In the same way, China Telecom reported loss of 0.43 Million users in January and 56 lakh users in February.

China claims 89% patients recover

China’s National Health Commission has said that about 89 percent of the corona victims have been cured. After a gap of one day, no new cases were revealed in the country. While nine more victims died.

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