April 4, 2020
Google co-founder's wife

Google co-founder’s wife lodges lawsuit against him

You all know about Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brain, who led Sundar Pichai to take over both Google and its parent company, Alphabet, as CEO. Besides these, there’s a third co-founder named Scott Hassan, who’s almost forgotten but is in the headlines nowadays, but this isn’t a good reason to be in news. Hasan’s wife accuses him of deliberately selling his robotic startup to a’ fire cell’ (where things are sold at a huge discount) in the ongoing divorce proceedings between the two.

According to a Forbes report, in a complaint filed in Delaware, Alison Huan said her husband, who is the technology company’s CEO, hey sold the company’s original assets to Blue Ocean, a Denmark-based company, at an ‘unsold price’ of $4 million.

The complaint filed said it should have been sold at a higher price, taking into account the company’s original portfolio, total assets, and licensing capacity. The husband-wife debate is currently going on.

They got married in the year 2001 and divorce proceedings began in California in 2015, which has not yet been resolved. The report says Alison has also invested in the company and is eligible to sue Hasan as part of the company.

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