March 30, 2020

Germany on Monday sealed the border of five countries

In view of the spread of the coronavirus, Germany on Monday morning sealed the border with five countries. Germany’s Interior Minister Hörst Seehofer said that since Monday morning control of the border with France, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Denmark has come into force. He said that corona infection is increasing at a rapid pace and is also aggressive. To prevent this, it was necessary to take this step. Interior friend said that German citizens and people with residency permits would be allowed to return to the country.

Sehofer stressed that border controls would be temporary. He said that the move would be reviewed periodically. Under the Corona virus, they have urged citizens to desist from social activity. The decision was taken after the Robert Koch Institute, which is responsible for public health in Germany, announced that the French border area of Alsás-Lorraine had been declared as a risk zone.

“It creates a lot of questions and unrest in neighboring states,” he said. Meanwhile, Paris said the decision was taken in coordination with the French government. Goth French and German officials said border closures would not be total. “We are going to strict minimums to cross the border, while allowing people and traders to pass. It is not a shutdown, ”a French Interior Ministry source told AFP.

In Berlin, National Police Chief Dieter Roman also said: “We are not closing borders”. While Germany’s measures apply to only five countries, other neighboring countries such as Poland, the Czech Republic has also closed its borders or imposed severe sanctions.

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