April 5, 2020

Estimation of TB will be possible before six months through blood test

A team of researchers have found great success in sensing the danger of TB. They have found that TB can be Projected three to six months before people fall ill. This can help in better treatment and saving millions of lives. According to researchers at the University College London, if a gene signature is found in the blood, it can be used to predict TB before symptoms appear. Researcher and university professor Mahdad said, “The results of our study suggest that the gene signature in the blood can identify the risk of TB in people.” Based on these results, new blood tests may develop in the future. This can help in the prevention of this deadly disease.’

Researchers have found the possibility of treating irregular heartbeat in the method of stopping the breath for more than five minutes. They found that by using this method new treatments could be developed for problems such as cardiac arrhythmia. According to researchers at the University of Birmingham, UK, the method was first proposed to identify ischemic heart disease. The method included rapid deep breathing (hyperventilation) and mechanically hyperventilation methods of breathing with a mask. Researchers found this method safe for patients. In this procedure, the patients were again undergoing radiotherapy. It destroyed tissues whose inaccurate electrical signals caused irregular heartbeat.

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