March 30, 2020

Earthquakes frequently occur on ‘Mars’, NASA’s InSight lander discovers

An investigation by the US space agency NASA’s robotic lander Insight has detected more than 450 seismic signals on the red planet.

Earthquakes also frequently occur on Mars, but their intensity is very low. A probe by the US space agency NASA’s robotic lander ‘InSight’ has detected more than 450 seismic signals on the red planet. Explain that ‘ InSight’ was sent to the red planet in November 2018, for the purpose of studying the lower part of the surface of Mars. ‘ InSight’ lead researcher Bruce Bannardt said the magnitude of the largest earthquake was four on the Richter scale.

This intensity was not enough to reach the bottom of the planet. This research, published in ‘Nature Geoscience and Nature Communication’, states that there are not only earthquakes on Mars but also dusty thunderstorms and strange magnetic vibrations. During the search, seismometers were used to detect earthquakes, sensors to measure air pressure as well as heat flow to detect the temperature of the planet. Explain that seismic waves are affected by everything they pass through. It is believed that this new discovery will help scientists to study the internal structure of Mars. NASA said that this new discovery will help in understanding how all rocky planets including Earth were the first to form? Let us know that by the end of 2019, Insight was sending two seismic signals in a day on Mars. However, scientists still hope that they may find signs of a major earthquake. The special thing is that Mars does not have a tectonic plate-like Earth, but there are definitely volcanically active areas.

Mars can become hot and cold fast
The ‘ InSight’ lander has revealed many things about the weather patterns of Mars. Published research says that Mars experiences faster temperature fluctuations than Earth. “The atmosphere of Mars is so thin that it can warm and cool faster than Earth,” said Don Bainfield of US-based Cornell University. The researchers said that InSight suffered a major dust storm about a month after the landing.

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