February 27, 2020

‘Dark emulator’ will reveal the secrets of the universe, will tell how the universe was created

The more we try to understand the mysteries of the universe and its origin, the deeper it gets. Scientists have now made a new attempt in this direction. They tried to detect this with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI). In fact, researchers have developed an artificial intelligence device called the Dark Emulator, which allows one to study in seconds how the universe created voids and fibres. Constant advancements in the field of telescopes have made it possible for researchers to study the universe in more detail and to establish a standard cosmic model that explains various facts. But there are still many things beyond the comprehension of researchers.

It is worth noting that the majority of the universe is made up of dark matter and dark energy that no one could identify. There are now promising opportunities to solve the mysteries of the structure of the universe. The discovery of the cosmic microwave background has given researchers the direction to understand how the universe looked at its beginning and how it evolved and came into its present form. With this, important features of Dark Matter and Dark Energy can be detected.

Takahiro Nishimachi, Project Associate Professor at Kyoto University Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics and Principal Investigator Masahiro Takada of Kavli Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe, made the world’s fastest astrophysics simulation using supercomputers ATERUI-1 and ATERUI-2 Dark Developed the emulator.

Nishimachi, the study’s lead researcher, said, “We built a large database with the help of supercomputers, which took us three years to complete, but now we can do it on a laptop in seconds. I think data science has a lot of potentials,” he said, “I hope that by using this conclusion, we can uncover the biggest mystery of modern dark energy physics.’

ATERU-1 and ATERU-1 have created hundreds of virtual universes, altering many important features of the universe, such as Dark Matter and Dark Energy. The Dark Emulator infers new features with the help of data. Researchers hope that using AI data from the 2020 survey, AI tools can be used to study the origins of the universe in depth.

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