March 29, 2020

Could Coronavirus have effect on the Olympics?

The World Health Organization has said whether the coronavirus will have an impact on the Olympics in Tokyo? Nothing can be said about this.

A top official of the World Health Organization (WHO) has said that despite the rapid spread of the coronavirus, it cannot be said in a hurry that the Olympics in Tokyo will stop or change. Let me tell you that last month, the WHO declared a global health emergency in view of the spread of the virus.

Even then, the Olympic organizers and the International Olympic Committee in Tokyo have reiterated that they have no contingency plan. The Olympics are scheduled to be held between July 24 and August 9 this year.

We are not going to decide – WHO
The head of WHO’s Health Emergency Program, Mike Ryan, said on Tuesday that the Olympics are far away, so it cannot be said whether the virus will have an impact on the Olympics. We are not going to take a decision about this. Ryan told news agency AP on the sidelines of the news conference held at the organization’s headquarters that the WHO has been in constant contact with the IOC since the virus case surfaced in December in Wuhan.

Death toll from coronavirus in China is 2000 more
Ryan said, ‘We don’t decide, we only advise them about the risk. We will work closely with them in the coming weeks and months. The number of people who died of coronavirus in China has increased by 2000. Hubei province has been the most affected centre of the virus. So far, the number of patients has been more than 74,000. The virus has affected many sports events. Many events have been canceled due to this, some have to be postponed or their venue changed. It also has a great impact on Chinese ethylit and teams. They have not been involved in many sports events due to this.

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