March 30, 2020

Coronavirus resurfaces in China, 20 new infection cases

New cases of a corona virus infection were found in China on Tuesday. With this, this disease has decreased once again, there are signs of acceleration. In fact, another 20 cases of new infections have been reported in the country. There is a domestic case of infection in China, while the arrival of infected people from abroad is 20 cases. A case of corona virus from Wuhan, China in December last year has caught 148 countries of the world.Wuhan and its 11 million people were quarantined on 23 January amid tight restrictions while the rest of Hubei was locked down. Authorities took strict action in the province till 11 February.

Quarantine is being held in Beijing for 14 days for people coming from outside countries since Monday. Of the 20 new cases from outside, 9 were found in Beijing and 3 in Shanghai. As many as 13 more death cases were registered in China, with the total number of deaths here has been 3,226. The death toll across the world has crossed 7,000, with cases of infection reaching over 175,530 in 145 countries.

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