April 4, 2020
artificial moon

China’s idea of artificial moon, know how well this plan is, and what the damage will be

For the first time in 2018, China presented the idea of an artificial moon and attracted the attention of people from all over the world. Chinese scientist Wu Chunfeng said that Chengdu City would soon have its moon, after which there would be no need for street lights. It is now becoming apparent that under this plan, China will be able to launch its first satellite in 2020. By 2022, three more satellites will be launched, after which the idea will take the form of reality. In such a situation, this question arose again, how right is this plan of China’s artificial moon, while science is dominant in nature? Know how this plan will work and what its benefits and disadvantages will be.

Will work like this

The surface of this artificial moon of China will be like a mirror so that it can turn the sunlight into the earth. According to China’s plan, the artificial moon will be able to light in a radius of between 10 and 80 km. Its light is going to be eight times more than that of the real moon.

What is the problem

The artificial moon is expected to be placed between the Earth and the International Space Center (ISS). The first hitch is about its size. The soccer-shaped ISS was launched into space by launching it into three pieces. This artificial moon of China is going to be bigger than the ISS. In such a situation, it will be the greatest challenge to establish it. The second major challenge will be its speed. In order to prevent it from falling to Earth, it is necessary to rotate at a speed of 27,400 kilometers per hour. The cost of fuel is also a matter of consideration in such a situation.

This will benefit Scientists who favor this idea say that since artificial moons will not require street lights, they will help to save electricity. Apart from that, the second benefit will be at the time of the disaster. In the event of a disaster, when the power of a place goes out, it will be possible to bring light to that place.

A new problem will arise. Light pollution is a rapidly growing problem. Even at night, it is not only people who are affected by the burning of lights in homes, buildings, animals and birds outside the houses. Scientists opposed to China’s artificial moon plan say that the greatest impact will be not only on the internal clock (circadian) of human bodies but also on animals and birds.

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