February 27, 2020

Chemotherapy without side effects has been discovered

Chemotherapy is a type of treatment in which one or more drugs are used to treat cancer.

Chemotherapy is an effective treatment for cancer patients, but the side-effects of this therapy can not be ignored. This process of treatment is so painful that many patients skip treatment. Researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have now developed a method in which chemotherapy will directly attack cancer-affected cells. The main objective of this discovery is to reduce the dose of chemo in patients, thereby reducing the side effects that occur during treatment.

Alexander Bintok, head of the Plain Plasticity Research Group at the University, said that cancer-affected cells, as well as healthy cells, are affected in most cancer treatment methods. Chemotherapy has similar side effects as well. Many such side effects may be avoided by focusing the chemo solely on cancer cells and reducing the chemo. Chemotherapy is a type of treatment that uses one or more drugs to treat cancer. The goal of chemo is to slow or inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

Chemotherapy can also destroy cells inside the mouth, along with the destruction of cancer cells. This can cause redness in the mouth and increase the chances of getting an infection. Researchers said that a new approach could help to avoid this problem.

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