March 28, 2020

Bloomberg points India as a “Bigger problem” than China on reducing carbon emissions

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg (78), who was in the US Democratic presidential nominee for the presidential race, has claimed that India is a bigger problem than China in fighting climate change and especially reducing carbon emissions.

In the initial debate of candidacy in the Democratic Party in Las Vegas, Bloomberg said that the Trump administration’s decision to withdraw America from the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement was ridiculous. In response to a question, Bloomberg said, “China has brought the deficiency, to be absolutely honest. India is a bigger problem, rather it is an extraordinary problem. Nobody is doing anything about it. ‘

Bloomberg was asked about his business, which is heavily invested in China, the world’s most carbon-emitting country. He further said, ‘You are not going to fight them (with China). You have to talk to them and we have seen this in terms of tariffs. You have to convince the Chinese that it is in their interest as well, just as our people will die, similarly their people will also die and we will work together.’

‘Only I can defeat the arrogant and sly like Trump’
Bloomberg said, ‘I think we have two questions. First, who can defeat Donald Trump? And second, who can work by reaching the White House? I say that I am the only candidate who can do both. I am from new york I know how to deal with an arrogant sly guy like Donald Trump who comes from New York. I am mayor or was mayor. I know how to run a complex, largest and most diverse city in this country.’

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