March 28, 2020

Big threat to smartphone users, fear of money and photo-video theft via app

If you’re working with the bank through a mobile app, care needs to be taken now. Security experts have warned users that their money is being eyed by the hackers. This poses the biggest threat to online banking users of Android who use the Virtual Private Network (VPN). Hackers can easily steal money and card details by using VPN, by accessing user bank details. Those hackers can also sell the dark web’s card details.

The VPNpro team recently released a report of its own. It’s been said users ‘ bank and card details were stolen from the popular Android app. These researchers also put the popular SuperVPN Free VPN client into the most dangerous app category. The worst thing about this is that this app is still on the Google Play Store, and it has been downloaded 100 million times around the world.

Security researchers have said hackers monitor the details of users who downloaded VPN on an ongoing basis. Those cyber criminals can always debit or credit user fraud. Not only this, photo-video and private chats can also be accessed via VPN, as well as bank details.

Researchers said,’ There’s a great chance that more than 105 million users using these apps will have stolen card details, private photo videos, and hackers have sold all of those details on the dark web so far. You leaked, too. These hackers record the users ‘ device’s stolen details and private conversations, and send it to the server at a secret location.

VPNpro had previously given information about many such hazardous apps, but most of them are still present with good reviews on the Google Play Store. However, many users also gave negative reviews about these apps, in which advertisements were said to be shown with force. Google haven’t released any statement about this yet.

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