March 31, 2020

Big news for people suffering from obesity, reducing the level of this protein reduces fat

To reduce obesity, you will often see people sweating in the gym or doing a lot of running. Despite this, all these people do not seem to have any significant effect. Obesity surrounds the body with serious ailments and also causes the death of many people. Researchers have now suggested a new way to avoid this problem. They have identified a new protein associated with obesity, which may help reduce body fat.

Researchers say obesity can be reduced by a reduction in a protein called IRHOM2. They conclude this based on studies done on mice. Obesity is emerging as a serious challenge for the whole world. Due to this problem, the risk of heart disease to diabetes is increasing. Portugal is the worst in terms of obesity. About half of the population here suffers from obesity and around 1 million adults are also vulnerable. In a study published in the Journal of Molecular Metabolism, lead researcher Colin Adren stated, ‘During the research, the widespread presence of IRHOM2 protein has been found in metabolic tissues and organs. On this basis, we have decided to conduct a detailed study on the role of this protein in obesity.’

For this study, researchers used mouse models and grouped them into two groups and controlled their protein levels called IRHOM2. Also, rats from one group were given normal food, while the other group was given high-fat foods. During this time, the researchers found that the group in which the rats were given high-fat foods were much more obese than the rats of the other group.

Need to test now
Researchers say that the risk of obesity can be reduced if levels of ‘IRHOM2’ are controlled in humans as well. However several rounds of tests have to be done before doing so.

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