March 31, 2020
aluminium packaging

Be careful! If you are using aluminium packaging to pack foods

Berlin, IANS

If you are using aluminum packaging for catering, then be careful. A new study has found that reducing food intake in aluminum packaging can prevent health hazards. High levels of aluminum compound in the body can cause damage to kidneys, liver and bones, along with neurotoxic developmental disorder.

Researchers at Germany’s Federal Institute for Risk Assessment have evaluated the amount of aluminum compound in the body through foods. Researchers have however found a decrease in the amount of aluminum compared to earlier studies. But if products like cosmetic which use aluminum are added to it, then its quantity in the body can increase more. Researchers have specifically advised not to keep acidic and salty foods in aluminum foil.

Let us tell you that according to recent research, if you eat food made in aluminum utensils or foods wrapped in aluminum foils for a long time, then it increases the problem of male infertility in men. Analyzing sperm samples from more than 60 participants in the research, it was found that there was more aluminum content in their semen, which reduced sperm count and male infertility. There is an increased risk of kidney and bone disease. If you cook food in aluminum utensils every day, then quit this habit, because it makes your body weak, which prevents the growth of your bones apart from kidney disease and slowly – Becomes weak.

Do not wrap food too hot in foil paper. In such a situation, aluminum is melted and mixed in the food, so always use good quality foil paper. Always avoid placing acetic things in foil paper, as this can spoil things quickly and also worsen the chemical balance of food. Avoid packing spicy and citrus fruits in aluminum foil. You should not use aluminum foil while cooking food in microwave or oven.

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