March 28, 2020
rich breakfast

Avoid obesity by having a rich breakfast

Morning breakfast has revealed a new benefit in the prevention of obesity. A new study has found that eating more breakfast in the morning instead of eating more at night can prevent obesity and high blood sugar. This method can not only reduce weight but can also prevent metabolic diseases like diabetes. According to the researchers, the findings were based on a study conducted on 16 men.

They were given a low-calorie breakfast in the morning and a high-calorie diet at night for three days. Then the diet was given in contrast for three days. Researcher Julian Richter, from the University of L├╝beck, Germany, said, “We advise people suffering from obesity to have plenty of breakfast in the morning to reduce weight and prevent metabolic diseases.”

Moisturizer does not protect infants from eczema
Researchers say that applying moisturizer to infants daily cannot prevent eczema. Eczema is a common skin problem and affects every fifth child. Researcher Havel Williams of Nottingham University, UK, said, “While much progress has been made in recent years towards the treatment of severe eczema, there is no effective way to prevent this problem in the beginning.” The findings are based on a study conducted on 1394 newborns. These infants were placed in two groups. The infants in the first group were advised to apply moisturizer for one year and not the second. The study found no evidence that applying moisturizer daily can prevent eczema.

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