March 31, 2020

Australia will spend 34.5 million dollars on saving its forests


Australia’s wildfires have worried people around the world. With millions of rare creatures, property worth crores of rupees have been burnt to ashes. Apart from this, 25 people have died due to this fire. 2000 houses have been destroyed and an area of 15 million hectares has been burnt. Now Australian authorities have announced to spend 50 million Australian dollars ($ 34.5 million) to protect the area again and protect the wildlife. With this amount, this wild area will be developed again in the same way. Australian Authority Treasurer Josh Friedenberg gave this information.

Navy and the aircraft were made Efforts to control the fire
In September 2019, there were incidents of light fires in the forests of Australia, but after that the terrible form that the fire has taken has not been controlled yet. The government is trying to stop this fire in every way, but it hasn’t been successful so far. Hundreds of rare species of animals found in this forest have been died by fire. The fire has killed more than one billion animals of this forest.

The world’s largest fire service is doing rescue work
The world’s largest fire service is working to protect Australia from fire. 74 thousand people are connected with this service, they are all working to extinguish the fire. Several feet long flames have been seen here due to fire. News in this regard has been carried on the Sputnik website.

It is not known how many animals have died in Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia and Tasmania. However, WWF-Australia now estimates that more than one billion animals have been killed nationally. Professor Dickman said the fire in Australia increased the rate of extinction of mammals. Rare birds that die in a normal way are dead by untimely fire.

It was being said that only rain could provide relief from the raging fire in the forests of Australia. But according to the country’s Meteorological Department, there is no possibility of rain and cold weather in the next few months. In such a situation, there is no hope of relief from the fire. Following the record for Australia’s hottest year in 2019, the Bureau of Meteorology said that temperatures were likely to be above average over the next few months. The bureau said that the northern part of the country is receiving light rain, but this is not enough to extinguish the flames in the southeast. Australia has been battling this fierce fire for the past several months and a three-year drought has created more serious conditions. Experts are giving this a reason for climate change.

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