March 28, 2020
American scientists corona virus

American scientists have identified 69 drugs for the treatment of the Coronavirus

Researchers have identified 69 drugs and experimental compounds to test utility against the corona virus. There is a possibility that these drugs may be effective in the treatment of this dangerous virus. American researchers say that some of these drugs are already being used to treat many other diseases. These drugs can treat corona more quickly than a new anti-viral treatment attempt.

The list of potential drugs has also been included in a study published on the biorexive website. Researchers have prepared a list of drugs based on studies of the corona virus gene. They tested 26 of the 29 genes of the virus. These genes directly generate viral proteins. Researchers found that the corona virus targets 332 human proteins.

Researchers are on the lookout for drugs that can control Mavan protein because the corona virus needs to be ingested into human proteins. This makes it replicable in human cells. The team of researchers have identified 24 drugs approved by the American Food and Drug Administration for this work. Some of these medicines also work in the treatment of diseases like cancer, Parkinson’s and hypertension. Some antibiotics are also on the list of potential medicines.

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