March 29, 2020

AI will monitor trollers, know what the researchers said

The new Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm can monitor these interactions in social media, which may lead to online trolling in the future. The researchers claimed this in a study. Indian researchers involved in this study say that dealing with the problem of trolling and preventing online harassment requires the rapid detection of negative social media posts. A mechanism is needed to monitor online interactions, i.e. social media interactions quickly. Artificial intelligence can be the most effective means in such a situation.

Researchers at the California Institute of Technology of America claimed. It can be said that it can also help in preventing harassment on online sites.

Researchers said that although there are many other automated methods to monitor them at present, they are not very effective and neither can they access the entire data and the biggest problem is the speed with which social media The sites are changed or in other words, they are updated, at the same speed that these methods are outdated and become ineffective. According to researcher Maya Srikanth of the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), USA, none of the methods are currently very effective. It is not possible that it should be monitored by humans and even if someone tries to do it, then what is the guarantee that that person will do his work without bias.

Srikanth said, ‘In such a situation new algorithm can prove to be very helpful. It can monitor trolls and predict trolling by social media users through a keyword. The researchers used the GLOVE (Global Vectors for Word Representation) model for this study. It can monitor social media sites through new keywords through machine learning.

Troll means to target a person and prove him good or bad in just a few minutes. Social media sites are heavily used for this.

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