February 27, 2020
climate change

Again, Greta and Trump face to face climate change

US President Donald Trump and climate change activist Greta Thunberg came face to face at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Switzerland starting on Tuesday. At this conference held in Davos, 17-year-old Greta said that just planting trees is not enough to deal with climate change. Her target was Trump’s speech, in which he talked about planting one lakh crore trees. At the same time, the predictions on climate change were rejected.

Although Trump did not name anyone, Greta was also present in the viewing gallery during that time. In his keynote address at the WEF, Trump also called climate change activists the heirs of foolish astrologers. While Thunberg in his speech reiterated the remarks of the speech given at the WEF a year earlier. They said, our houses are on fire and your inaction is giving fire to the flames.

He also demanded an immediate ban on the investment of fossil fuels. Questioning the promises made by world leaders to work in the interest of climate change, Greta said, “You say that children should not worry.” Do not be so pessimistic. Earlier last year, both came face to face on the platform of the World Economic Forum. Greta Thunberg’s picture was then staring at Donald Trump.

Science should be the focal point of talks
Greta said, planting trees is definitely a good move, but compared to the work that should have been done for climate change, this effort is not enough. At least it cannot take place of real nature. Earlier, Greta called on global leaders to listen to young activists. However, during this time she also said that at least she cannot complain about not listening to her. Greta arrived at the conference as part of the panel in which young activists are referring to the results and plans of their efforts to improve the world.

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